Episode 65: My Take on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Episode #61: Tax Gain Harvesting: What, Why, and How


Tax gain harvesting is a strategy of selling investment assets at a gain and paying tax at that point as opposed to waiting and paying the tax later. Depending on your income and how your income may fluctuate in the future, there might be situations where it makes sense to take advantage of tax gain harvesting. Throughout today’s episode, Grant reviews how tax gain harvesting works, when it may be and may not be a good idea, and what you should consider before deciding whether tax gain harvesting might be beneficial in your specific scenario.Continue reading

Mutual Funds Capital Gains Distributions: What They Are & How to Avoid the Tax Hit

Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions: What They Are & How to Avoid the Tax Hit

If you’ve ever invested in a mutual fund, you may know that they’re required to distribute at least 95% of their capital gains to investors each year.  You may also know from experience that these gains are not always welcome since they come with a tax liability attached.

More often than not these capital gains are not large enough to cause investors to stir.  But every year there are a few funds that pass massive unwanted gains on to investors, leaving them with a big, stinky tax bill.

This post may be slightly tardy given that some mutual fund families have already distributed their year end capital gains.  Nevertheless, it’s an important topic that you should be aware of and keep an eye out for.

If your objective is to minimize your tax bill (hint: it probably should be) you’ll want to know about upcoming distributions at the end of each year, and avoid them when it makes sense.  This post will cover exactly what capital gains distributions are, why mutual funds distribute them, and when and how you might want to avoid them.

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