Working Together



What I Do

When I'm not blogging, I help business owners and professionals make smart financial decisions.

I really feel like I have the best job in the world.  I get to spend my time helping other people conceptualize what their perfect life looks like, and then move around pieces of their financial puzzle to help them achieve it.  

If you're looking for some help with your financial situation, we might be a good fit to work together.  Just read the details below about how I work with people.  If you think you're a good fit, you can schedule some time on my calendar at the bottom of this page.



Who I Work With

• Small business owners, physicians, attorneys, and other professionals.

• People of all ages, although most of my clients are in the 40-60 age range.

• People all over the country.  I frequently meet with my clients via video conference.

• Small to mid sized businesses, helping build and manage employer-sponsored retirement plans.




Who I Don't Work With

• People looking for help picking penny stocks or day trading

• People who allow the media to affect their long term financial plan or investment strategy

• People who need to be on the phone with their advisor every day




How I Work With People

My goal is to enable my clients to live their best life by making smart decisions with their money.  

To do this I use a financial planning process called Confidence in Advanced Planning.

 Over the course of three meetings, I help to organize everything that comprises your financial life.  Once we have an idea of where you stand today, we discuss your long term objectives and what a fulfilling life means to you.  

Then, I help create a road map to connect you from you are today to where you want to go over time.  Along the way we cover any of your specific concerns, questions, or areas of vulnerability.  


These might include ways you can:

• Minimize taxes

• Ensure you're prepared for retirement

• Better align your portfolio with your objectives

I use quite a bit of technology throughout this process, including a secure electronic document vault and online financial planning software.  I often use videoconferencing tools like Google Hangouts and Skype too.  This allows me to work people no matter where they're located in the world.




What You Get 

• Your financial life organized in one central location

• A customized road map leading you from where you are today to where you'd like to be in the future

• A step by step implementation guide, listing exactly what you need to do to reach your objectives

• One on one guidance from a CFP® professional

• All your financial questions and lingering concerns answered & addressed

• The confidence to live your life, knowing that your finances are organized to support your success




How Much It Costs

I charge a flat fee of $1,500 to $10,000, based on the complexity of your situation.

I also have a satisfaction guarantee on financial plans.  Once your financial plan is complete, I'll send you an invoice for the service if you found the process valuable & worth your time.  

If you didn't, you pay nothing.



Other Stuff

• I'm a fee-only advisor, meaning that I'm only compensated by my clients directly.  I don't collect commissions, revenue sharing, or other kickbacks for making certain recommendations.  This way you never have to wonder whether my advice is genuine, or driven by my own compensation.

• I'm a fiduciary to my clients, and legally must act in their best interests 100% of the time.



Next Steps

If after reading this you think you're a good fit to work together, just schedule a 30 minute introductory chat so we can get to know each other: