GMB Ep #93: Managing Student Loans When You’re Over 50 With Erik Kroll


Having outstanding student loans at the age of 50 versus earlier in your career will have a very different impact on your financial status. In today’s episode, we have a distinguished guest who specializes in helping people over the age of 50 to repay their student loans. Erik Kroll, Certified Financial Planner® and the owner of joins us to explain different strategies to manage your student loans, as well as how that approach changes with time. 



Show Notes

[02:02] Student Loans Over 50 – We start the conversation with a brief review of Erik’s background, the work he’s doing as a financial planner, and what lead him into specializing in student loans. 

[04:45] Age and Student Loans – The differences between having student loans as a fresh graduate versus having student loans at the age of 50 and how our life priorities in come into play. 

[08:28] Forgiveness – Erik dives into important considerations for student loan forgiveness, including different options, qualification criteria, and taxation. 

[15:12] Accumulating Debt – Common patterns for individuals over 50 with student loans, including Parent Plus loans, post-graduate education, and career changes. 

[22:03] Double Consolidation – Erik explains the process of utilizing consolidation and other strategies to reduce monthly loan payments. 

[29:10] Rehabilitation – The path to rehabilitation and qualifying for forgiveness after your loans have gone to debt collection. 

[34:18] Student Loans Over 50 Playbook – Erik shares his thoughts on what led him to create his eBook and what readers can learn from it. 

[37:11] Recent Developments – Erik shares his take on some of President Joe Biden’s recently proposed loan forgiveness provisions. 

[41:07] Private Loans – The pros and cons to a private refinance, and important things to consider when making this decision. 



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