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Grow Money Business Episode #45: Emotions & Money Messaging With Mariah Hudler

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As you may know, I launched a podcast last December called Grow Money Business.  Thus far we’ve been hosting the episodes on Libsyn, and posting them each week to growmoneybusiness.com.

This week we’re starting something new.  Rather than posting new episodes to growmoneybusiness.com only, I’m going to start posting them here as well.  If you’re hearing about the podcast for the first time, you can check out the first 44 episodes on growmoneybusiness.com if you’re interested.



In today's episode we have another distinguished guest: Mariah Hudler. Mariah is a financial therapist who helps people build balanced, comfortable relationships with money. Throughout this episode, Mariah shares her wisdom about what contributes to our attitude toward financial matters, how our backgrounds impact our financial decision making, and what you can do to improve your relationship with money. Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where we talk about some valuable tips for reducing financial stress.

Show Notes

[01:54] Mariah's Story – Mariah talks about her clinical work, how she helps people improve their financial health using financial therapy, and how to identify whether you need to seek help from a financial therapy practitioner.

[07:58] The Value of Financial Literacy – Why financial literacy is a crucial part of life and what measures can be taken to improve financial literacy.

[12:43] Money Scripts – Mariah talks about an interesting concept of dividing money-related behaviors into four categories.

[18:58] Approaching Financial Therapy – Mariah's process of getting started with clients to help them with their financial health.

[24:12] Personal Background and Financial Health – How someone's background and past events can shape their financial habits and behaviors.

[26:32] Adapting Behaviors – Mariah explains some of the measures she takes to guide her clients toward safer financial behaviors.

[31:52] Financial Therapy Timeline – Mariah shares her thoughts about focusing on long-term and short-term goals depending on the background and needs of her clients.

[36:19] Working Virtually – Mariah talks about the effectiveness of conducting therapy sessions virtually.

[41:11] Mariah's Transition into Financial Therapy – Mariah talks about her transition from clinical therapy to the financial aspect of therapeutic work.

[44:31] Emotional Issues Related to Entrepreneurship – Common finance-related emotional issues entrepreneurs and business owners experience and how to effectively manage the impact of these issues.

[52:05] Handling Financial Stress – Tips and tricks for reducing financial stress and anxiety.


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