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My name is Grant Bledsoe, and I'm an independent, fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Thanks for checking out my blog, Above the Canopy.  I started this blog to share useful information about financial independence.  It's hard to make consistently good choices with your money these days.  So much of the financial information we absorb is misleading, confusing, or flat out boring.

This blog is devoted to sharing financial tips, information, and research in plain English.  With any luck, you'll find a few pieces here and there that will help you make better financial decisions.

Sacramento Financial Planner

My wife Megan and me

My Focus as a Financial Planner

Unfortunately, most financial planners are not required to put your interests first when you work with them.  While any advisor will be more than happy to give  you their "recommendation," more often than not that advice is really just a carefully disguised sales pitch.

That's why I started my firm, Three Oaks Capital Management: to help people build & protect their wealth in a more transparent way.  At Three Oaks Capital we don't sell products like mutual funds, annuities, or life insurance.  All we sell is our advice.  That way you never need to wonder whether our advice is in your best interests.  We're fiduciaries to 100% of our clients, 100% of the time, and required by law to act in their best interests.

Today Three Oaks Capital has offices in both Sacramento, CA and Portland, OR, and I work virtually with clients all over the country.  Most of my clients are small business owners, doctors, and attorneys who are in the middle to later stages in their career.  I have the pleasure of helping them make smart financial decisions,  avoid big mistakes, and managing money for them.











What You'll Find on Above the Canopy

My objective as a Sacramento financial planner is to help people live better lives by being smart with their money.

My objective with Above the Canopy is to share useful information that will help you strengthen your financial position & make those smart decisions.  Here you’ll find posts on financial planning, investing, retirement, and other topics meant to help you on your journey.

 Since I mostly work with small business owners and professionals, much of what you'll find on the blog relates to typical issues these types of people face.  Here are a few examples:

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Sequence of Returns: The Biggest Risk to Financial Independence

So feel free to peruse the blog.  

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