Episode 69: Interest Rates Are Rising....Does That Mean You Should Adjust Your Bond Allocation?

Episode #56: Last Minute Retirement Plan: Tips & Tricks for 2020 Procrastinators

At the end of every year, some business owners face situations where they need to set up a last minute retirement plan due to numerous reasons. We dedicated this episode to reviewing how business owners may overcome this challenge. Over the years, Grant has come up with some strategies and maneuvers that may help you set up retirement plans and make deductible contributions late in the year. Throughout the episode, Grant shares how to implement these strategies in your business.

Show Notes

[01:35] Introduction – What might cause a business to set up retirement plans late in the year.

[03:33] Taxation – How contributions to retirement saving plans are taxed and some of the opportunities that may help you with your tax bill.

[06:24] SIMPLE IRA – Grants reviews the structure of one of the most common retirement saving types and why you may not be able to use it for last minutes retirement contributions.

[10:55] SEP-IRA – How SEP-IRA works and how it affects employees, self-employed individuals, and business owners in terms of taxation.

[18:01] 401k Plans – Rules and regulations related to 401k plans and things you should consider when making last-minute contributions with 401k plans.

[22:40] Safe Harbor 401k – Grant reviews the streamlined method for fulfilling the compliance requirements of a 401k plan when you have employees.

[23:28] Conversions – Things to keep in mind if you are interested in a Roth IRA conversion.



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