Episode 69: Interest Rates Are Rising....Does That Mean You Should Adjust Your Bond Allocation?

Episode #50: My Best & Worst Trades Ever

Over the last few months, we have received numerous questions from our listeners that have focused on what Grant is doing personally with his finances. In today’s episode, Grant shares two stories about his best trade and worst trade ever. He dives into why he made these investment decisions and what caused the very different outcomes of the two trades. Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where Grant shares his take on what he learned from these two trades.


Show Notes

[01:11] Long-term Investments – Grant explains why he always focuses on long-term, consistent investing.

[04:03] Data & Trading – How data analytics could be beneficial for making better decisions in trading.

[10:36] Undervalued Securities – Grant dives into some of the techniques he has been using to discover undervalued securities across multiple industries.

[15:05] The Best Trade – Grant shares how he was able to get a substantial return from buying stocks of an undervalued insurance corporation.

[25:42] The Worst Trade – How Grant ended up losing money due to an aggressive investment decision.

[34:45] Causes of Failure – Grant shares his take on the factors that caused the loss from his worst trade and what you should keep in mind to produce satisfactory long-term returns.



Ep #46: A Beginner’s Guide to Factor Investing:  growmoneybusiness.com/podcast/episode46

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